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UAE announces fees on international imports in 2023 - Arabian News

The UAE is set to introduce new import rules, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC).
Starting in February any invoices for international imports with a value of AED10,000 or more must be attested by MoFAIC.
In a message on social media, MoFAIC said: “Pursuant to UAE Cabinet Decision No.(38) of 2022 on the attestation fees of commercial invoices and certificates of origin for importers into the United Arab Emirates, all imports into the country must be accompanied by an invoice attested by MoFAIC”.The rules were announced in 2022, as part of Cabinet Decision 38 and come into law on February 1.
MoFAIC will collect a fee of AED150 for every commercial invoice of imported goods valued at AED10,000 or more.
Exemption for UAE import attestation fees include:
• Invoices for a value of less than AED10,000
• Personal imports
• GCC imports
• Freezone imports
• Police and military imports
• Charity imports

Attestation can be done digitally at the MoFAIC website by uploading documents. The Electronic Document Attestation Service (eDAS) website says: "Attestation is a procedure to confirm validity of the seal and signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad. Commercial Invoices attestation service is an automated online service to provide digital attestation for commercial invoices only issued in the UAE or abroad within 12 minutes."

Importers have 14 days to pay the attestation fees after the customs declaration for imported goods has been set.

For personal deliveries the United Arab Emirates introduced a new customs duty on packages with a value of more than AED300 and shipped internationally came into effect January 1.

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