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Over 60% of Logistics Companies Are Investing in Supply Chain Management Systems-SupplyChainBrain

Almost two-thirds of logistics companies (64%) are investing in supply chain management systems.

According to a recent report from Reuters Events and CargoWise, entitled “Unlocking the Future: Embracing Digital Transformation in Logistics,” 82% of logistics companies have increased their technology investments since 2020. Of those that have increased their investments, 39% said they have invested in warehouse automation technologies, making it the area with the third-highest investment rate recorded in the study.

Additionally, 95% of logistics organizations will either increase or maintain their current levels of investment in new I.T. systems and technologies over the next 12 months.

Improved efficiency, accuracy and scalability was deemed the most important factor when it came to companies increasing their investment in visibility tools. Reducing manual processes and improving data integrity was ranked the second-most important consideration amongst responders followed by enhanced customer experiences.

Over half of the respondents (53%) said that a lack of resources has been the biggest challenge their company has faced when it comes to implementing new supply chain visibility technologies.

“We believe collaborative digital transformation holds the key to the future of logistics. By embracing technology investments and prioritizing customer and employee-centric outcomes, organizations can unlock their full potential,” wrote Gene Gander, CargoWise’s general manager. “Together, we can shape the future of our industry, drive operational excellence and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.”

Between March and April 2023, 468 logistics professionals from around the globe were interviewed for the survey, including logistics solutions providers, 4PL, 3PL, manufacturers, retailers, freight teams and other types of supply chain employees.

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